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ReadHowYouWant Book Selection

About ReadHowYouWant

ReadHowYouWant Pty Ltd and its R&D parent company, Objective Systems Pty Ltd, are both Sydney, Australia-based privately held companies co-founded in 2004 by electronic publishing pioneers Christopher Stephen and Greg Duncan. When Chris' sister, who suffers from MS, developed difficulty reading, they began experimenting to determine whether people with reading difficulties could benefit from changing the text format.

After more than four years of testing, ReadHowYouWant has successfully developed award-winning conversion technology that reformats existing books into the widest selection of on-demand, alternative format editions on the market today. Each edition has been optimized for maximum readability. The company's goals are to make reading easier and more enjoyable by delivering formats that suit the reader and to give people with reading difficulties access to books in the formats of their choice—at an affordable price, and as soon as the book is published. For more information visit www.readhowyouwant.com .

Below are some books from ReadHowYouWant.  If you purchase any of the books below you will help benefit both ReadHowYouWant and ICDRI at no additional cost.  The following books  are in formats specifically designed to readers who have the following special needs:


Warning Braille Downloads from ReadHowYouWant open in a new window.


Classics:   Braille and Daisy Format

Mobility Impairments: Super Large 18 pt.

Vision Impairments: Super Large 20 pt.

Blind: Downloadable Braille Format

Dyslexia: Large 16 pt

ADD/ADHD: Large 16 pt

Seniors: Large 16 pt


ADD/ADHD Large 16 pt

Link to The Survival Guide for Kids with LD* (EasyRead Large Edition): *Learning Differences   The Survival Guide for Kids with LD*  *Learning Differences $13.99

by Gary Fisher PhD

If you are a kid with LD, you may have many questions. This book has many answers. It can help you understand LD better. It can also help you understand yourself better.


Link to What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough (EasyRead Large Edition): The Real Deal on Perfectionism: a guide for kids   What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough: The Real Deal on Perfectionism: a guide for kids $10.99

by Thomas S Greenspon

Are you afraid to try new things because you might not be good at them? Everyone feels unsure of themselves sometimes. If you feel that way a lot, this book can help.


Link to The Struggle to be Strong (EasyRead Large Edition): True Stories by Teens About Overcoming Tough Times - Out of Print Limited Availability   The Struggle to be Strong: True Stories by Teens About Overcoming Tough Times - Out of Print Limited Availability

by Al Desetta M.A.

True motivational stories by teens about overcoming tough times. Things always get better. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even the next day, but they will.... There's always a way out of 'no way out'.


Link to What Do You Stand For? For Kids (EasyRead Large Edition): A Guide to Building Character   What Do You Stand For? For Kids: A Guide to Building Character $14.99

by Barbara A Lewis

This book can help you discover your own good qualities and make them stronger. These qualities are called positive character traits.


Link to Another   Another $19.98

By Joel Deane

Toby and Suzie are two teenagers caught in a riptide of aimless wanderings, violence and stolen cars. They want to escape Another, an estate on the edge of the suburban never-never land.


Link to BODY PIERCING AND TATTOOING   Body Piercing and Tattooing $31.95

by Sarah Sawyer

This book about body piercing and tattooing traces the vast cultural and social history of body modification as well as its origins, providing students with a rich foundation to help them form a more complete understanding of the art.


Link to The Dark Dreamweaver   The Dark Dreamweaver $12.95

by Nick Ruth

Who is the strange, frightening creature that keeps appearing in David’s nightmares? And why is David hearing voices even when he is awake?


Link to Sam and The Killer Robot (Easyread Large Edition)   Sam and The Killer Robot $14.99

by Judith Rossell

Sam wants to build a killer robot. Strangely, as soon as the parts click together, they start acting as if they have a life of their own! What's going on? And what will happen when he puts together the whole robot?


Link to all fall down (EasyRead Large Edition)   all fall down  $14.99

by Susan Geason

Set in 1900, All Fall Down is both a gripping adventure and a fascinating glimpse of life in Sydney at the turn of the last century.

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