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Volunteer in Africa

Reach out and do the Unexpected


14 months Development Instructor program
  • 6 months education in northern Denmark
  • 6 months work in a project in Africa
  • 2 months follow-up

Qualification needed:
  • open minded, keen to learn
  • cooperative, serious and determined

Phone: +45 51 34 38 07 or +45 24 42 41 45

DRH Bustrup / Sdr. Lemvej 3 / 7860 Spøttrup / Denmark
Picture of Camel Kissing a Leopard
Job examples
  • Combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Teach at schools for street children
  • Build latrines and wells
  • Plant trees and grow vegetables
  • Help Africans to help themselves

Starting dates: September & October

Send us an email to DRHBustrup@Humana.org and we'll invite you for an information weekend


They  are a school in Denmark that educates volunteers for their work in Africa.  We'd be very happy to see you supporting us by spreading the word about our existence. You can easily do so by putting up our poster in your area. You can download it from



It would really help us if you print it 10 times and hang it in places where

many people can see it.

We have new courses starting in the beginning of September and October 2002.

We accept everyone who is at least 18 years old. Nobody needs a diploma, the

nessecary education will be given in the first 6 months, followed by the 6

months work in a development project in Angola or Zimbabwe.

You can also find detailed information about our program at



I want to thank you for your time.

I hope you also have such a nice sunshine.


Christian, DRH Bustrup




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