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Waikiki Health Center

Resource Summary Page


 Resource: Waikiki Health Center

Associated Organizations: Car-a-Van (Homeless), Friendly Neighbors (Elderly), Ho`ola Like (Native Hawaiian), STD/HIV Program, Wellness Program (HIV/AIDS)

Country of Origin: USA

Address: 277 Ohua Avenue

City: Honolulu

State or Province: Hawai`i

ZIP or Postal Code: 96815

Telephone: 808-922-4787

TTY 808-643-8833

Fax: 808-922-4950

Email: fchong@waikikihealthcenter.org 

Site Summary: 

The mission of the Waikiki Health Center is to provide high quality and affordable medical care, health education, and social services that are accessible to the changing needs of the individual and the community [State of Hawai`i]. In three decades of service we have demonstrated a consistent commitment to serve people who are most in need and least likely to be reached by more conventional services.

Waikiki Health Center has assumed a leadership role in the provision of primary medical care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and related HIV/AIDS preventive education programs for the community-at-large, since the

>beginning of the HIV epidemic in Hawai`i. Waikiki Health Center currently provides the most comprehensive array of early intervention, primary care and related HIV/AIDS services in the State and participates actively in the planning and implementation of statewide HIV/AIDS policies and programs in

conjunction with the State and non-profit agencies.

Notably, Waikiki Health Center was awarded [year 2000] a federal Ryan White Title III HIV/AIDS Planning Grant. These resources enable Waikiki Health

>Center to plan and develop a comprehensive continuum of HIV/AIDS early intervention and primary health care services for people living with HIV/AIDS on the islands of O`ahu and Maui.

 Disability Association(s): All Disabilities, Notably AIDS

Internet Location: http://www.waikikihealthcenter.org 

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: API Community Health Resources, Hawaii



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