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State Based Diabetes Control Programs Republic of Palau

Resource Summary Page


 Resource: State Based Diabetes Control Programs Republic of Palau

Associated Organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Country of Origin: USA

Address: Diabetes Control Program Coordinator
Chief of Public Health
Ministry of Health

City: Koror

State or Province: Palau 

ZIP or Postal Code: PW 96940

Telephone: (0-11-680) 488-1757


Fax: (0-11-680) 488-3117


Site Summary: 

The Republic of Palau Diabetes Control Program (DCP) has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 1994. Activities supported by the Republic of Palau DCP include the following:

  • Assessing the risk of diabetes. The Republic of Palau DCP continues to define the burden of diabetes in Palau and has developed a survey tool to assess risk for diabetes and awareness of the disease. Government employees in eight of the national ministries have been surveyed and a survey of the small, outlying islands continues.
  • Increasing public awareness. The Republic of Palau DCP is working with the Palau Nutritional Advisory Committee to increase national awareness of the importance of healthy eating to control diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  • Improving the care of people with diabetes. The Republic of Palau DCP is developing diabetes care recommendations in collaboration with its national medical association.

Quoted from the Web Site

 Disability Association(s): Disabilities associated with diabetes 

Internet Location: http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/states/palau.htm 

Internet Resource Type: Web Page

Resource Type: Pacific Islander Resource - General



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