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State Based Diabetes Control Programs Hawaii

Resource Summary Page


 Resource: State Based Diabetes Control Programs Hawaii

Associated Organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Country of Origin: USA

Address: Diabetes Control Program Coordinator
838 South Beretania Street, Suite 204

City: Honolulu

State or Province:  HI

ZIP or Postal Code: 96713

Telephone: 808-587-3900


Fax: 808-587-3911


Site Summary:  

The Hawaii Diabetes Control Program (DCP) has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 1987. Activities supported by the Hawaii DCP include the following:

  • Conduct ongoing public awareness campaign. Using a multimedia approach, the Hawaii DCP conducts a targeted, multipronged campaign. Components include two free, 24-hour telephone messages in five languages; a television segment about diabetes that aired as part of a local health and wellness series; a statewide resource directory for people with diabetes (developed in collaboration with the Hawaii Association for Diabetes Educators); and a school-based diabetes awareness campaign (conducted in collaboration with the Hawaii Department of Education).
  • Publish patient education materials. The CDC patient guide for diabetes control, Take Charge of Your Diabetes, was revised to include photographs and graphics depicting Hawaii’s local culture. The revised guide also provides information about the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial.
  • Build capacity for community interventions. The Hawaii DCP held an orientation program on the "Diabetes Today" model to teach public health nurses how to mobilize community members and resources for diabetes prevention and control activities.

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Disability Association(s): Disabilities associated with diabetes 

Internet Location http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/states/hi.htm

Internet Resource Type: Web Page

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