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State Based Diabetes Control Programs Guam

Resource Summary Page


 Resource: State Based Diabetes Control Programs Guam

Associated Organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Country of Origin: USA

Address: Diabetes Control Program Coordinator
Department of Public Health and Social Services
P.O. Box 2816

City: Agana

State or Province:  Guam 

ZIP or Postal Code: 96910

Telephone: (0-11-671) 475-0282 


Fax: (0-11-671) 477-7945

Email: fsmhealth@mail.fm or mhsamo@mail.fm

Site Summary: 

The Guam Diabetes Control Program (DCP) has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 1994. Activities supported by the Guam DCP include the following:

  • Guidelines. The DCP developed Diabetes Care on Guam: Guidelines for Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment to provide primary health care professionals with guidelines to help ensure quality care for people with or at risk for diabetes.

  •  Symposium. The DCP conducted a symposium called Diabetes on Guam: A Community Addresses the Issues of Prevention. The purpose of the conference was to increase awareness of diabetes to the general public, people with diabetes, and health professionals. More than 200 participants attended the conference held in Tumon Guam on November 20-21, 1997. Participants included people with diabetes and their family members, medical and allied health professionals, and other diabetes advocates. Participants took part in sessions covering such topics as defining diabetes, prevention through proper diet, exercise and other behavioral change, and diabetes treatment and prevention of secondary complications. The conference also had tabletop displays from health care and health education providers, and pharmaceutical and equipment suppliers.

  •  Survey. The DCP conducted a survey that focuses on understanding the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of Guamanians about diabetes. The 198 people with diabetes who were surveyed believe that diabetes is a serious disease (97%); however, a majority of the respondents (63%) believes that it is not preventable.

  •  Chart review. The DCP conducted a medical chart review of people with diabetes to assess their level of care. The review showed that this particular clinic did not comply with guidelines for care 100%. One area needing improvement is documentation of each patient visit with the physician.

  •  Provider survey. The DCP conducted a Diabetes Standard-of-Care Provider Survey to summarize the frequency of Guam's physicians adherence to American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes; the survey also evaluated physician attitudes toward different factors related to diabetes. Overall, Guam physicians showed high self-reported compliance with ADA recommendations for treating diabetes. ADA screening criteria showed high compliance across all physician types and working environments. Guam’s physicians perceived patient behavior/lack of commitment, lack of knowledge of consequences of no treatment, and lack of health care professionals as the greatest barriers to treatment on Guam.


Quoted from the Web Site

 Disability Association(s): Disabilities associated with diabetes 

Internet Location http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/states/guam.htm 

Internet Resource Type: Web Page

Resource Type: Pacific Islander Resource - General



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