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Digest For Rehabilitation In the Pacific

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 Resource: Digest For Rehabilitation In the Pacific

 Author: Kenneth E. Galea'i, Ph.D. Co Authors: Roy Fua, Maura Gordon, Magdalena Hallers, Marie Maddison, Rodney Priest, Hermann Scanlan, and Stanley Yamada

.Associated Organization: San Diego State University

Country of Origin: USA



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This report presents data collected by pacific Islanders on the various issues significant to rehabilitation in the Pacific.  The issues presented here are at the very heart of any effort to develop a comprehensive and sustainable system for rehabilitation in the Pacific.  These issues affect the lives
of more than six-and-a-half million people in the 22 countries and territories that make up the Pacific region.  While our total populations are small by world standards, and the service areas of vocational rehabilitation are limited, we nevertheless face considerable challenges in our efforts to pursue quality, effective comprehensive rehabilitation.  These challenges result from the complex linkages between population, development, environment and many social and cultural factors of special importance to the Pacific islands, such as land and the family.

    This digest is produced to offer specific information relative to the development of these systems of services to persons with s disability in the Pacific.  It is the first step toward a compilation of data that will eventually reflect a.) the prevalence of various types of disabilities resulting from chronic illness and impairments among the population in US-affiliated territories and states.  The key information factors include geographical, social, family and cultural, economic, environmental and resource management.  Finally, political and institutional setting are described for persons with a disability in the US affiliated territories

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Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location: http://www.interwork.sdsu.edu/projects/rrtcp/pubs/DigestRehab.html

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Resource Type: Research Paper:  Guam Resource, AAPI Resource, AAPI Health Research Site




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