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Friends of Cynthia Waddell

(who passed away in California, April 3rd 2013)

by Michael Burks

Cynthia Waddell and I were friends for many years and we worked together on many projects. Cynthia was a tireless advocate for people with disabilities.  She had the ability to analyze technical issues and distill them down so that everyone could understand them no matter what their view.  She analyzed the first Web issues and produced an analysis that helped everyone to understand the situation and to produce solutions.  She was true and courageous and was willing to do whatever was needed to accomplish the goals that she felt were important.  Her efforts and accomplishments helped to improve the lives of people everywhere, regardless of their location, their situation in life, or whether or not they had a disability.  The world will be a poorer place without her presence. Our heartfelt condolences to her family.



My sadness brims over as the passing of a very special and wonderful lady. Cynthia has left us with a powerful legacy that will continue to make a huge difference to all those who’s abilities she has enabled through her disability ‘enablement’ online work.  The catalyst to her life’s work may well have been ‘dis-abilities’, but no doubt, she brought out the ‘abilities’ in the lives of  all those she has touched – and will continue to do so. I will miss her very much.