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Helping Students with Disabilities Have a Smoother Transition into Higher Education



Transitioning from high to college can be a difficult adjustment for students with disabilities, but colleges and universities are providing students with more assistance than ever before to help them have a successful career. Laws and legislation have been put into place to make college a reality, so learn about the resources available to help you and take advantage of them. There are a wide variety of disabilities that affect students including visual, hearing, learning, psychological, mobility limitations and chronic health conditions. Your type of disability will not hinder your ability of getting help and every university will have disabled student services to help you along the way.

Before deciding which college to attend, it is important to do research about the services they offer that will be beneficial to you, because although they must provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities not all provide the same ones. The easiest way to find if a college’s accommodations are right for you is to talk to the disabled student services staff and go for a campus visit. During your campus visit, you will want to learn about the following areas: housing, general accessibility, course modifications, time allowances, exam assistance and technological assistance. .

While looking for the right college, you will also want to consider online classes, financial aid and scholarship availability. There are many accredited online universities that will allow you to do your coursework from home. Financial aid is available to help students pay for tuition, books and other college expenses. There are thousands of scholarships available to students with disabilities and all you have to do is apply.

The development accessibility and technology has improved the success rate for disabled students to complete their education. To learn more information about the legislation and resources available to help you reach your goal of graduating college check out this online resource.