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Simple Trailer Modifications to Make Horse Travel Easier for People with Disabilities

By Kristi Waterworth

April 06, 2015


People with disabilities often participate in the same sports and activities as their non-disabled counterparts, but unfortunately most standard equipment, including horse trailers, aren’t designed with disabled people in mind.  If you’re looking at horse trailers for sale and want something a little friendlier to your particular disability, it may pay to consider horse trailers with these features


It goes without saying that ramps are easier in general than steps for a lot of folks.  Some ramps are better than others, though, and certain locations are better fit for ramps.  A heavy loading ramp with plenty of non-skid material will serve you well, as will a side ramp with the same covering.  Standard length ramps may be too short to accommodate wheelchairs, but you can request extra-long ramps be installed on a custom trailer.

Escape doors

Even though they are generally recommended equipment, escape doors are even more important for people with disabilities.  Chronic pain conditions that may make walking slow merit an easy route out of the trailer once you’ve brought your horse in.  An escape door placed in the front will allow you to basically walk through the trailer without having to backtrack.

Side loading doors

Loading from the rear can be difficult at times, so having an extra loading door is a boon.  If your horse is being testy or you simply want another route in and out to make horse loading easier, the side loading door can be a huge help in the loading and unloading process.

Double hinged stall dividers

Perhaps one of the coolest features available to disabled horse owners is the double hinged stall divider.  When used in conjunction with side and rear loading doors, the double hinged stall divider allows you to both load and unload your horses facing forward.  This makes it significantly easier to move a less than perfect trailering horse around in the horse box.

Rubberized flooring

Rubber plank flooring like Rumber creates a textured surface that’s easier for both man and beast to gain footing.  It also eliminates the need to add heavy stall mats that can be a pain to manipulate after a long trip back and forth to horse shows.  On those days when energy is a limited resource, you’ll spend a fraction of the time mucking out your trailer so you can get on to those things you’d rather be doing with your horse.

Exterior switches

Finding interior light switches in a horse trailer at night can be a pain, no matter who you are.  You can have your trailer manufacturer add a set of external switches near the rear loading door to control the lights and fans inside and outside of your trailer for easy access any time of the day or night