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3 of the Best Tips for People with Disabilities Who Want to Start a Business

People from all walks of life are starting businesses, thanks in large part to the internet and the gig economy. For people with disabilities, starting a home-based business is a way to ensure accommodations are in place. It’s also an ideal way to achieve a work-life balance and ease some of the stress that comes with a traditional career.

1. Pursue New Business Ideas

When starting a new business, the best way to ensure a long-lasting venture is to create a store that fills people’s needs and fits in a niche that is likely to be profitable for the long-term. The key to starting a business is offering something unique and that people need.  Some of the most successful entrepreneurs got their start by observing people and identifying their biggest struggles.Computer, notebooi and a phone on a deskFor example, people always look for the most protective phone cases at the most affordable price. If you can make a phone case that is unique, you could cash in on an industry that is projected to be worth nearly $13 billion by 2025, according to Oberlo. Identify a target market, get creative, and watch your business grow.





Starting a new business is not cheap. Running a home-based business is an ideal solution to keep overhead low and get off the ground without much capital. If you have mobility issues, working from home is also a great way to eliminate commuting hassles. You can work on the schedule that works best for your situation, too, so if you have medical appointments or need to work at a certain time, running a business from home is the answer. Other benefits of working from home include being more productive and taking fewer sick days.

2. Create a Home Office Space Tailored to Your Needs

When starting a business, there are countless reasons to create a home office space. For people with disabilities, a home office often results in more productive work because it is an accessible space that meets all your needs. After all, when you design your office, you know it has everything you require to achieve success.

To make sure your office accommodates your needs, and to keep business startup costs low, consider doing some DIY projects. You can start by selecting your office location. Make sure you choose a spot that suits your working habits; for instance, if you are distracted easily or can’t work when there is a lot of noise, find an area that is far from busy areas in your home.

Disabled World recommends that you make a sketch of your office to be sure that you can maneuver easily around furniture and equipment before you move it. If you have low vision, make sure your office is as bright as possible and try to be near natural light. Also, take storage space into consideration. Get creative and make shelves to increase your storage space while adding some personality to your home office.

If you can’t find a desk that accommodates your needs, consider making one. You can create a standing desk by strategically placing shelves on top of a chest of drawers or filing cabinet. You also can make a desk high enough to accommodate a wheelchair by using a buffet table or replacing existing wooden legs with higher spindles.

3. Take Advantage of Home Office Tax Deductions

Another reason to start a business run from your home is the home office deductions you can take on your income taxes. If your office qualifies, you can deduct your mortgage interest, property taxes, utilities, and repairs and maintenance from your business income. Be sure that your home office is dedicated to your business and that you deduct only the expenses that directly relate to your business. If you want to start a home-based business, don’t let anything stand in your way. Begin by pursuing new business ideas and find the one that best suits you. Then, tailor your office space to your needs so you can hit the ground running. Network whenever possible and focus on building your brand. It might be a rocky start, but with the right idea and the drive to make it work you can be your own boss on your terms.

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